Encino Park 



        1923 Encino Rio
     San Antonio,TX 78259


We are out there in the world of teenagers.  While all teenagers are unique, they share significant common needs. They need someone to stand with them and accept them as they are. They need someone to walk with them, to “hang” with them as they make their ways in life — someone who demonstrates God’s love and faithfulness as they face choices and trials. And teenagers need someone to run with them — to share and encourage their desire for fun, full and meaningful lives. That’s what Young Life provides. We are inviting in all we do. Young Life is like one big “party with a purpose” where all are welcome and treated like honored guests. It may be club — the best night of the kids’ week; or camp — the best week of their lives; or just the invitation to spend time with a leader who has become their friend. But before the party ends, we share a simple message about God’s love for them. After all, that’s what the celebration is all about.