Encino Park 



        1923 Encino Rio
     San Antonio,TX 78259


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Amenity Cards are needed to access the tennis courts, pool and basketball court. All cards must be registered. Please stop by the office if you haven't already.  Be sure to bring a picture ID and the physical card. If you don't have an Amenity Card, the first card is free, replacement cards are $10. Check or money orders are only accepted at the office. 

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Solicitors in EPHOA:

We all find ourselves annoyed with solicitors from time to time. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent people from going door-to-door. However, here is what SAPD advises us: Put a sign visible near or on your door that says, “No Soliciting”. Of course, the sign won’t stop someone from approaching and ringing your doorbell. With the sign up, you can advise whoever comes to your door as a solicitor to leave immediately or you will call the police. If the solicitor doesn’t leave while on your property, this would be considered trespassing, and actions can be taken. It is recommended for you to call the non-emergency number for SAPD (210-207-7273). Most of the time when you let the solicitors know that you are calling the police, they will leave. You should still report this to the non-emergency line. The police will dispatch an officer out to your home, who will then look for the person, inquire about their business permit, and ask them to leave on your behalf. Our entire neighborhood has posted “No Soliciting” signs at some of the entrances; however, this is not blanket coverage for all homes. It is not seen as enforceable unless a sign is on your specific property and may only deter those who truly appreciate the sign’s request. Keep in mind, not everyone who goes door-to-door is a solicitor.