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        1923 Encino Rio
     San Antonio,TX 78259


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Dear Association Members:

Encino Park will be upgrading the current amenity gate system in the community. During this change, we will be having a registration process to allow us to update and clean our records and ensure that only current Encino Park residents will have access to the pool, tennis, and basketball area.

Who does this affect?
Everyone in the community, all homeowners will need to register their pool device.
All amenity card registrations will be done online.

When does this need to be completed by?
Please complete this form as soon as you can, as waiting until the last moment could cause delays and postpone your pool access. All unregistered devices will be shut off on Monday, November 7, 2022.

What do I need to do?
Using the link below, register your pool device. You will need your device number(s) to complete this form. Your device number can be located as seen in the attached picture.

How do I know my information has been updated?
You will receive an email confirming your information has been updated. We may be delayed in responding to your form due to the influx of waivers coming during this HOA's registration.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions at contact@spectrumam.com.


Encino Park HOA
Board of Directors