Encino Park 



        1923 Encino Rio
     San Antonio,TX 78259


Block Captains


The idea of the Block Captain program in Encino Park is to have one centralized representative for each street or block in the neighborhood.  Some smaller streets have combined with larger streets and some larger streets have dual captains.

The representative is responsible for being the eyes and the ears of the community.  It is helpful for the Block Captain coordinator to reach out the representatives who then can communicate helpful information to the street or block residents.  Some examples are: voting hours and location at the Community Center, swimming pool hours for the season, helping neighbors get to know one another.

Studies indicate neighbors who know each other report less crime in the area.  Our goal is to have little or no crime in Encino Park.

How do I sign up to volunteer as block captain?  
Reach out and let them know... you can call 210-901-9936 or email them at EPBlockCaptains@gmail.com

How long is my term?
The volunteer position is as long as you like.  Many residents have volunteered for as long as they reside in EP.

Are there events or meetings?
The annual National Night Out is held the first Tuesday in October.  
The block captain is responsible for some type of neighbor gathering whether it be a simple meet and greet or a BBQ, ice cream social etc...the committee and volunteers do meet once a year depending on the need.

We are always looking for volunteers, so please consider becoming a block captain.