Encino Park 



        1923 Encino Rio
     San Antonio,TX 78259


Encino Park HOA office is located at 

1923 Encino Rio, 

San Antonio, TX 78259

Office Phone: (210) 497-3022


Office Hours: 

Monday      9 am to 2 pm

Tuesday     9 am to 2 pm 

Wednesday 3 pm to 6 pm

Thursday     9 am to 2 pm

Friday          9 am to 2 pm

After hours emergency number:


Encino Park

By Marlene Rounsaville

Encino Park is a special place not quite like any other

With its city ways and country views

And friendly atmosphere

If anyone asked you where to live

I’m sure you’d say, “Right here!”

It started out a big ol’ ranch

With cattle and scrub oak

A pleasant and a quiet place

Started by happy folk!

The dream was to keep it peaceful

With birds and squirrels and such;

A pleasant place to come home to

And one we’d love so much

A place we’d all keep neat and clean

So all of us could live our dream;

It hasn’t always been that way

We stumbled some along the way

But we always came back and we all tried

To keep it a special place of pride

And as the years all come and go

And the area did so quickly grow

We’ll keep our country style of life

A place of peace without much strife

A place we’re proud to call our home

Encino Park, a special place

That’s all our very own!

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The following communities are NOT a part of the Encino Park Homeowners Association:

- Caliza Springs

- Encino Bluff

- Encino Creek

- Encino Forest

- Encino Mesa

- Encino Ranch

- Encino Rio

- Encino Woods

-The Terraces of Encino Park

-The Vistas of Encino Park

- Village at Encino Park

If you have any questions, please call the EPHOA Office at 210-497-3022.


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